Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is my love affair about to end?

Most of you know the insane amount of time it took for us to decide on our sofa and then the even more ridiculous time it took to get it.

Well, we got it in May and LOVE everything about it I have a stain on the ottoman!

I bought a gorgeous burl wood lacquered tray at Williams Sonoma just a few days ago and of course, un-wrapped it and put it on the ottoman as soon as I got it home.

Of course, I also merchandised it with Fashion and Art books along with a candle I've been dying to display.
The next day, I go to admire my beautiful new set-up and voila...the tray left a mark on the ottoman.

I'm sooo pissed not only because I still love the tray and want it but also because now I have to deal with W&S and hate the agida it has brought into my life...

I know…who the hell buys a white leather sofa when you have a little child? Well, I do and did and as I also knew would happen…Jacob was not the one who ruined the ottoman…I did!

Still LOVE it but how can I enjoy it knowing that its been marked?!

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  1. Update!!! 2 years after posting this and much back and forth with W&S, I finally got a refund from them for the full amount it cost to get the ottoman cleaned. Man, I'm good and Boy, I love Twitter!


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