Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool design at reasonable prices

I just came across the By Boe website and had to share.

I spend most of the weekend clearing out my old magazine collection and making room for new 2010 editions.  Figure that if I cleanse early and start fresh, it may make it easier to id what I need and what I need to get rid of.  I rarely give or throw anything out so this is a nice first step as I begin a new year and a new me?
So before I can throw out any InStyles (my Bible), I go through, page by page and tear out anything that's worth a second glance.  Crazy and time consuming, I know but that's my process and I'm sticking to it.
So, as I perused my old, June 2009 InStyle I came across a pair of earrings that I had tagged back in the summer but never looked up only to find that the website is full of really cool and unusual designs.
Check out these "Dart" earrings that I'm definitely the cool streamline design and can't beat the price!  Also love the "Open oval" earring, their take on the traditional hoop.
Check them out and happy shopping!!!

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