Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well the weather outside is frightful but

Inside, it's so delightful!
Days like this are what life is all about...blizzard outside, fire and LaColombe coffee inside, the boys playing Star Wars and me...well, shopping and blogging!
Check out these awesome Jimmy Choo 'Quito' Sandal on sale via. and available pre-order much for getting them in time for Miami and oh, by the way, how convenient that I just got a $20 Nordstrom note in the mail yesterday...Suspect...
They also come in black and retail for $1295!  For a similar look that's just as hot but easier on the wallet check out these platforms from Carlos Santana, only $99 and just as sexy!

Going to spend the day going through my fashion mags and hopefully there will be some noteworthy stuff to share. 
By the way, did anyone watch the Jersey Shore "Spoof" show last night?  I hate to admit it but yes, I've been sucked into the whole fist pumping, Snooky punching, juiced guys world and as long as they stay away from Margate, I will keep watching.  Check this out, you know you want to (-:

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