Friday, June 18, 2010

Tired just thinking about Jacob's week!

You would think that the weeks between school ending and summer camp starting would be slow, relaxing and downright lazy. Well, not for Jacob Sherman, the boy about town. This week he not only started UK elite soccer camp continued with his karate classes, took swimming lessons, attended a Camden Rive sharks baseball game and participated in not 1 but 2 events that totally wiped me…not him, out!
On Monday he sarted soccer camp and then, we were invited to the Camden Riversharks game against the York Revolution and while the game was a total snooze fest, the suite was sweet and the fight between one of the players and an umpire was exciting! Jacob walked away with a baseball hat and ball and that’s success in my book!

The LFRS festival that took place on Wednesday in Rittenhouse Square was a blast and sold out with over 700 tickets sold! I volunteered and as a committee member had to hold back the herds of 2+ year olds as they and their parents attacked the park.  Jacob jumped, ate and play with his little friends whom he has not seen since school ended and the whole experience made me really appreciate living in such a vibrant, exciting and multicultural city!

Today, was the annual CMI corporate picnic at Black Bear Lake and we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day but right now its 8pm and Jacob is still up, sitting next to me, watching TV, eating and ready to go to the pool…Oy vey!

Anyway, a great week has come to an end and I hope I can live up to the hype and deliver another stellar one next week. Good thing it’s a short one; Phil and I are celebrating our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary with a 5 day getaway to New Orleans while Jacob gets spoiled by my parents (-:
Until next time and note the green T-shits, Green IS the new Black you know!?

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