Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My husband thinks I’m a Russian spy

and I kinda like it!
Why, do you ask? Well, it appears as if my memory pre-1998 has been somewhat erased and so most of what occurred prior to that year is mostly gone. Don’t get me wrong, some memories I’m happy to live without and some of you will know what those are while others, like who I went to high school with and who I traveled halfway around the world with I really want back! Thank god for social media outlets where you can search and find people from your past, reconnect and feel like you actually had a past. Today I learned that Pikesville High class of 1990, yes I remember the year I graduated, has a Facebook page. Good thing cuase I don’t remember the names of anyone I went to school with. This often leaves me out of the “Jewish geography” games that occur more often than I care for probably because I can’t participate. I also can’t take part in the college and camp memories and really, who can remember that far back?

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to be a spy so now I can play one in real life. If only I could develop a tolerance for Vodka, I will be all set. на здоровье!

Oh yeah one more thing, if we did go to school together, I would love to hear from you…you will be my alibi (-:

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