Monday, October 18, 2010

Cheap couples therapy and more

It's no excuse but I've been busy and although it's only the 15th of October, much has been done on the Sherman Fall fun front…try saying that 3 times. From sweet time at Hershey to cheap couples therapy at the Renaissance Fair, it’s shaping up to be a great fall. Picture below was taken by Jacob (see his little finger at the top?) who after witnessing mommy and daddy go at it simply said, “I got a lot of great shots Mama!” Gotta admit it was fun beating the c--- out of Phil and all for $5, now where can you get that kind of exercise, therapy and overall fun…priceless.

Speaking of fun, I must have had really low expectations but the Renaissance Fair was a blast; from the carnie-like atmosphere, check out the woman in the welcome window, to the Turkey leg that I craved all day, we had an awesome time!  A great place for both adults and kids and while you're there, buy some devil horns, I got a ton of play from mine

What a cornucopia of fashion dos and don’ts, and not just at the fair. I guess when you leave the city, it’s no holds barred…where do these people come from and where do they shop? One step away from Christmas sweaters are the milliard of polyester and elastic pants and shorts, yes shorts and on people that should NOT be wearing shorts of any kind…ever!
Jacob rode an elephant, Phil and I kick each other’s butts at an old fashioned duel and we created our own chocolate bars.

Did I mention that I also scored some me-time at the Outlets and the Hershey spa? Who knew you could have so much fun outside the city but I’m sure glad to be back to the concrete stink bugs and definitely no Christmas sweaters here!

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