Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy YOA!

The month of Alya? Please! I was thinking too small and we Leo’s never do that so I introduce you to the Year of Alya!
Why do you ask? Well, this year I turn 4-0 and to ease into it, was originally thinking a party in St. Tropez for moi and all the jetsetters in my life. Well, I’ve somewhat altered my plans and will now celebrate starting now/January and continue through the end of the year with a possible soirée in August. To help bring in the YOA (that’s short for Year of Alya) many activities have been planned all starting with Riviera Maya in February
followed by London and Paris in April
and sprinkles of activities TBD but sure to be fabulous throughout. But just as I’m composing my thoughts and making plans for the fabuloux YOA, I get an invite to “More” magazine
followed by a subscription to “ESSENCE”
so someone out there in the world of magazine marketing thinks I’m a middle-aged black woman…what’s next AARP? Well, I’m not going to let this get me down after all, 40 is the new 20…right!?
So why is that when I google search "Age 40" the top 2 results are, "At age 40, both brain and body start to slow" and "59 Famous People Who Died Before Age 40?"
Lovely, I feel much better now but ok, if this is any indication of what 40 looks like these days, I'm in!
Happy YOA!!!

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