Friday, February 25, 2011

Going Cold Turkey

So we board the plane and I discover (Phil informs me) that there is free wireless courtesy of Ford and GoGo so I get my fix but as soon as we land in Mexico, ay-ya-ya....nothing

No Wireless, no FB, no AlyaBuzz nada and you know what? It was great!
9 glorious days of quality time with the fam playing, sunning, eating, drinking, exploring, eating…I know I said that already but there was a lot of that… and reading. I actually finished a book, gained a few lbs and loved every minute of it.
Oh and did I mention that Jacob and I swam with dolphins, we snorkeled through a 2000 foot underground river and I almost won a hula-hoop contest. Now that, my friends, is what I call a successful vaca. Also, I’m savage, yes by day numero dos, every Juan and Lupita was speaking to me en español and you know what? I almost understood what they were saying!

If you haven’t been, Playa del Carmen is not to be missed; it’s hot, it’s cool and it’s worth going cold turkey for!

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