Friday, February 11, 2011

You ARE my Master!

Today, Jacob got his Purple belt in Karate and as proud as I am of this awesome accomplishment, what led to it is far more significant. The only way I can describe it is through Susan’s (Jacob’s babysitter and, as you will read, champion) words transcribed here verbatim from what she witnessed yesterday after a Karate class. You see, I always knew that Jacob was kind, generous and goodhearted but I think all mothers think that way of their children. When I read this last night, soon after Susan left, I suddenly realized that we done good; he IS the Master of his destiny, he WILL succeed where others fail and he WILL become the greatest XXX that ever lived! I dedicate this to you Jacob, you are my Sensei and I have a lot to learn from you!!!

Apr├Ęs l’ecole de Karate avec Jacob
Journal entry by Susan Veach, Thursday, February 10, 2011...I hope you don't mind that I share this with everyone and thank you for coming into our life!!!
After karate today, eight or so little boys were piled into the men’s locker room changing clothes. (It always reminds me of a box of wiggling puppies). I was there, too, and so glad to be present to witness what transpired today. There was another lady; and Ish, of course, on the edge of the “puppy pile.”
Etsio, as usual, was tormenting Julian. “I don’t like you, Julian.” “No one likes you.” “You don’t have friends.” “No one wants to play with you.”
Julian finally said, “No one likes me, I don’t really care.”
Out of nowhere, from the other side of the room, a strong clear voice rang out. “I like you, Julian.” Although struggling with sox, Jacob spoke up. Julian’s smile was testimony to what Jacob’s comment meant to him.
Jacob has stood up for Julian before, but Etsio took things to a new level today. He marched over to Jacob (still working in his sox). He began a campaign. “Jacob, you shouldn’t like Julian. No one is friends with him. If you play with me, you cannot play with Julian.”
Jacob stood up and turned to face Etsio. Again, in his loud clear voice, Jacob said, “I am the friend of everybody I know.” Etsio was speechless as Jacob turned back around to wrestle those red sox. The puppy box was very quiet and still for a few seconds.
Jacob may struggle with sox, but his character and identity have been mastered. It struck me how secure he is in his values and in expressing and enacting them. I gave him huge hugs and scores of kisses on the cheek. Finally he said, “Enough already.”
“Jacob” I said, “I am changing your karate grade from A to A plus.” (He asked for a grade, BTW). “Why?” he said. “Because honor, is a big part of Karate. You are an honorable martial artist.”
“Tell Mama”, he said, and off we went…

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