Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Close but no BALMAIN

Day off for some much needed Shopping Therapy and I turn to my partner in crime and frankly one of two people that I know of who can stand shopping with me am to pm and we head straight to Woodbury Commons.

Our annual expedition usually yields positive results; last year I scored a masterpiece of a Chanel bag and the year before, fab Stuart Weitzman over the knee leather studded boots ala Fergie.
With high expectations and snacks in tow thanks to my shopping companion Nina, we head straight for Chanel. Not cause we're big spenders but because we like to look and touch and drool and try and…it’s not there! Chanel moved a month ago because, according to the salesgirl at Fendi, they were doing too well?
That, my friends, did not sit well with me but being the shopping professional that I am, I picked myself right up and we continued on. Of course I found a replacement and when I say a replacement, I mean the hottest BALMAIN dress that I immediately had to try on. Try on only because the price tag was a whopping $6,350 so the plan was...I’m going to try it on to feed the obsession and Nina was going to take a picture of me in it so I can blog about it and spend the rest of my life wishing I had it...
As soon as I try it on, I know I have to have it and as soon as the manager sees me knowing that I have to have it, he drops the price to $999. I say no, he says how about $699, I almost faint and ask him to hold it for me while we get some lunch and I contact my internal research department aka Phil for 1. a reality check 2. tell me I’m off my rocker and 3. tell me know much the dress retails for.
The leather studded hotness is all I can think about so I go in for the kill and figure what have I got to lose by offering him way less. Well friends let’s just put it this way, I left Woodbury without the dress and have now spent countless hours thinking, talking, rationalizing, researching, obsessing and now blogging about it. In my last desperate attempt, I just emailed the manager, Chris but get the sense that I will not be hearing back.
Chris, if you’re reading this…call me!
Friends, if you're readings this...what do you think?


  1. Well, what a "bargain"!!! From $6,350.00 to under $700.00! I say buy it, use it once or twice and sell it on eBay for $2,500.00!!! ;-)

    I think we all need to talk to your "internal research department"...

  2. I know, that would be the greatest discount I've ever gotten but still...


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