Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The shopping gods are

against me, I’m sure of it now!
Not only was the jaunt to Woodbury a complete disappointment with the Chanel boutique closing and the BALMAIN dress upset but the stuff that I did manage to buy like this Rock & Republic Adrianne top, broke before I even had a chance to wear it.

To make up for it, I spend the following Monday at Franklin Mills and although that trip was much more successful, my coup de jour, a pair of size 24 Joes jeans that I “stole” for $39 came home with the sensor tag attached. So it's as if I did steal them and now, have to take them back to get the tag removed or, ship them back to Neimans so they can remove the sensor and send them back to me…pain in the you know what if you ask me!
The Gryphon crochet sequin top is too cute to return but I’ve already spent an hour sewing the sequence back in place…I guess with an extra 30% plus 10% plus plus off it too, was a real steal from $275 to somewhere around $70 so I’ll suck it up.
So lesson learned and when you think something is too good to be true, it probably is. Now, who wants to take a ride to Franklin Mills with me and a pair of size 24 jeans…did I mention they fit!?
I guess if the shopping gods are against me, the fitness gods are right by my side!

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