Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tha Russian connection

hurts so good!
With the usual anxiety, I drifted over to my wax guru Emma at the International Salon on Sansom. What possesses me and the thousands of her followers to return month after month is beyond me but it’s like a cult and you do walk out feeling a few lbs. lighter if you know what I mean.
It’s definitely a no frills kinda place and you should be glad that you don’t speak Russian cause you really don’t want to hear half of what they’re saying but I digress. Today was like any other visit except Emma didn’t talk on the phone while waxing and, I got a pretty good dose of some major gossip that I will now share!
After playing the usual Russian geography with her daughter who used to be married to a friend and knows many friends of friends, we stumbled upon the diamond in the sand or, I should say, Brighton Beach.
So, apparently, the reality TV people have finally recognized what I’ve been saying for years, that the Russians are prime for reality TV and need to get their own show. You can’t even imagine the amount of material out there just waiting to be unleashed on the unassuming American people and according to source; one is in the works and will include an ex-friend’s brother and wife. The ex-friend is a whole other story that I may get into later but this was juicy enough and so I did some major snooping and found all kinds of goodies out there…gotta love the internet!
I will share more once I confirm the validity of this but for now, all you need to know if that Boris loves Renata…nuff said.
Oh yeah and if you are thinking of going to see Emma, no Aspirin before and no Sex after…no kidding!


  1. I always said the same thing about Spanish people! We should have our own reality shows! And as you know ALL of us Spanish people are related to one another! LOL! ;-)

    For sure I would watch a Russian reality TV show. I would make it a weekly party with my Russian friends from Atlantic City! :-)

  2. Oh I agree, the Spanish people are just as colorful as the Russians...must be the hot blood


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