Saturday, May 7, 2011

On the move

I often wonder what it’s like to be one of those people that actually chill on the weekends?
It’s like that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry asks Elaine what she did last night and she says, "literally nothing, I sat in a chair and I stared" hmmm...wonder what that feels like.
This weekend, and it’s not over yet, celebrated Mother's Day at Jacob's great is this?

jetted to and from the shore, had a yard sale, built and held a lemonade stand, planted trees, went to a concert and that’s just as of sat eve!
The yard sale was a huge waste of time and energy but Jacob’s Lemon-aid stand was a huge success and he managed to raise $70 for his school!
Packed it up, drove back to Philadelphia in time to pick up mom and grandma from the Bolt bus with enough time for a quick change and off to the Bruno Mars & Janelle Monae: Hooligans in Wondaland concert.
The 4D concert was great once he came on but until then I felt like a fish out of water or, an old fogy surrounded by crazy young kids…is this what getting old feels like?
4D cause someone; don’t know who but someone sitting close to us was farting up a storm through the entire concert…I thought I was going to barf!
That aside, Bruno was amazing and although he has a limited repertoire, all his songs are hits. Janelle Monae also put on a good show but overall, I was just ready for bed and, a barf bag!

Not before meeting friends at Parc for a few cocktails and a few laughs and finally, it’s a wrap!
Tomorrow, I'm taking Bruno’s advice and not doing Anything…take a listen

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