Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As Political as I will ever get but

had to weigh in on Weinergate and whether I think his wife will/should stand by her man.
First, I was glad to see that she didn’t stand by him as he poured on the alligator tears as he apologized yesterday and, I say that’s a sign of what’s to come…she will dump him like the Weiner that he is and here’s why…
She’s a beautiful girl who also appears to have a smart head on her shoulders and smart hot girls rarely stay with narcissistic losers who look for affirmation in all the wrong places. I say rarely cause it has been known to happen that they do suck it up and stay and we all know why...the $$$ but that’s another story.
If it wasn’t on Twitter it would have been elsewhere and maybe not now but eventually and she’s better off knowing what a douchebag he is now rather than when they bring innocent children into the mix so I say run girl.
Look at these Celebrity couples and tell me what they all have in common?

and let's not forget good old Tiger

Hot girl runs, not so hot girl stays and I while I agree that a beautiful woman at home isn't enough, it doesn’t mean that women need to feel obligated to stick by their man and take the humiliation and the ongoing scrutiny that comes with it. They have a choice and their first step in exercising that choice is to walk away as fast as they can with their head held high knowing that they did nothing wrong and are doing all kinds of right by leaving him in his pool of humiliation.  But then again, that’s just me Huma, you do what you want.
And just as I’m about to post this, I see a Tweet from Marie Claire asking “Are you glad Weiner's wife didn't stand by her man....at his press conference?” Well I guess I’m just in time to answer that question …YES! YES! YES!


  1. Well said! And you know, that if he lied about this he probably is lying about many more things. And if he said there were 6 other girls than there are probably 3 times more that we will hear coming out with a lot more than just pics sent by him...

  2. You are so right John, this is just what he is addmitting to today/tip of the iceberg if you ask me!


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