Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrate Life!

4 Generations, 20 years apart, 10 years separated but together forever
Today, my Great grandma Liza would have been 100 years old and although she has been gone for almost 10 years now, she lives on…

In my heart; I feel her in everything that I do and wish she could see what I see especially when I’m at her favorite place, on the beach sitting in a chair watching the ocean.

In my head; I know she would be happy and proud of me but wishes that I would eat more!

In Jacob; she never got to experience the joy of Jacob but from the moment he was born, he reminded me so much of her. From his blond hair to his expressions and witty sense of humor, he has her unique flair to draw you in and never let go.
Happy Birthday Baby Liza, I love you, I miss you and in honor of what would have been your 100th, I will do what you would have done and Celebrate your Life!


  1. Wonderful commemoration. Sounds like Liza was a very special woman who does indeed live on.

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandmother. Sounds like she was a very special lady!


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