Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Styled Photoshoot @ Topshop?

Ooh Yeah!
Topshop is treating its shoppers to something pretty awesome; a complimentary styling and makeup session followed by an Instagram photo shoot.
Photos are taken with an iPad 2 against a backdrop and participants are then able to select one of several Instagram filters to stylize their images which they can print out on postcards.
Shoppers can also opt to upload their images directly to Topshop’s gallery as well as their own Facebook profiles.
The campaign runs in London, Dublin and Liverpool from June 1-4, and in Manchester and New York from June 8 to 11 and since I'll be in NYC on the 9th, I'm going to do my best to check this out first hand!
Last month, they set up an augmented reality-powered fitting room in its Moscow store...remind me why I live in Philadelphia?

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