Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Angry Birds is good enough to poop on

Rovio has teamed up with baby product maker SwaddleDesigns to release an Angry Birds Baby line.
So now, you can now show off your AB fan status by outfitting your bundle of joy with any of the below products.

“As parents, one aspect of Angry Birds we appreciate is how protective the birds are and how much they love their offspring,” says Lynette Damir, CEO and creative director of SwaddleDesigns. “It’s one of the characters’ endearing qualities that resonates with parents everywhere, and a key reason we believe Angry Birds fans will be enthusiastic about our new line of Angry Bird baby products.”

The company has already sold more than 7 million plush toys alone and will likely see merchandise sales skyrocket should the movie project come to fruition.

SwaddleDesigns is making its official Angry Birds Baby products available for sale on Tuesday and will begin shipping October 10th. http://bit.ly/nPt70v
Wonder if a Kid line is around the corner?


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