Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A great night for

Baseball and a mild case of absent-mindedness...
We were so excited to go that no one checked to see that our tickets were for Thursday night and not Wed.  Only realized it when trying to enter the park and the look on the poor guys face who had to tell us we were there 1 night too early was priceless...I'm such an airhead!
Good thing Mike at window #20 was nice enough to switch us out.
Curious to know, have you ever showed up for an event on the wrong day/time/month? 
Come on, spill!!!

Go Phillies!!!


  1. Not so much an event, but I did show up to DMV to renew my car registration, and after waiting an hour the lady told me that it wasn't due for another three months! So, yeah, I know I have! :-)

    And if you ever went to a NJDMV you would know that it's like a leprosy colony over there! ...not that there is anything wrong with that... ;-)

  2. How funny John and yes, I would not want to be stuck at the DMV for 1 sec longer than necessary

  3. How about getting to an event and forgetting your tickets? That happened to my daughter a couple of months ago after we picked her up for a beer fest in Media. Luckily she lives in So Philly so they went back to get them while we waited and drank a lot of good beer... :-)

  4. Aren't you happy about your mild case of absent-mindedness now?!?! Almost two and a half hours delay during the game last night from the thunderstorms!

  5. Absolutely, everything happens for a reason right!? Plus, a friend told me yesterday that she once went to a wedding on the wrong day so I don't feel so bad...anymore (-:

  6. I think the wedding one wins!!! :-)


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