Saturday, August 6, 2011

What goes up must

come down especially, when you’re talking about a meticulously crafted sandcastle and a beach full of eager little destroyers…I mean kids.

And so the multilayer, detailed structure that Mike worked so hard to build came down in a matter of seconds but what fun! Same time next year!?
Did I mention that I live Tweeted the whole process, AlyaIS #sandcastlegeddon

 Setting the foundation
It's all in the details but what do you think the little kid creeping up from the side has on his mind?  Destruction, thats what!
 Nice "cracked wall" detail
 This was more about flexing muscles than the castle but I'll let it slide
 Almost be destroyed

 They sure do look innocent, don't they?
 Well, they are not...Destruction in 5-4-3
Oh yeah, the hot mamas watch on the sidelines (-:
Location scouting

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