Sunday, September 11, 2011

80 Years young

My Grandma Alla turns 80 tomorrow, September 12th, and although it is considered "bad luck" to celebrate early, we did and lived to tell about it.  My mom ran like mad to pull the entire soiree or, brunch, together and thanks to her, it was a hit. 
We laughed, We sang and We, in true Russian tradition, told lots and lots of toasts. 

In honor of the special day, I wrote this toast that Jacob and I delivered together; he provided the background music via iPad DJ.  Too bad most of the room had no idea what I was saying but that's what this Blog is for, right!?

Our dearest Baba Alla,

It’s hard to believe that 80 years young you are today
And by looking at you, who would guess that anyway?
You are as beautiful as you were in your teens
As smart and sassy, you are our Queen
You always know just what to say and do
Keeping our family together tighter than glue
Words can’t describe how special you are to all of us
Never raising your voice or making a fuss
You always know just how we feel
I do miss the days you strutted in your stiletto heels
My shopping companion you are no more
But to dress up and look fabulous you still adore
And although your latest accessories are new hips and knees
You wear them with style, poise and ease
So today we’ve gather to celebrate a great milestone
You are 80 years young and still going strong!
Love You
Jacob, Alya and Phil
September 2011

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