Friday, October 14, 2011

Classic case of miscommunication

After many weeks of wiggling, pulling and apple biting, Jacob finally lost his "Queen" tooth. 
He was so excited that he immediately wrote the obligatory note, taped his tooth on it for evidence and placed it under his pillow. 
I explained to him that the Tooth Fairy offer is not valid if you don't sleep in your own bed or, don’t wake up in your own bed or…oh, who am I kidding! 
Being the Tooth Fairy novice that I am with only a $20 bill in my wallet, “we” wrote a note back to Jacob and placed it and the $ under his pillow.   
Ok, so here is where it gets interesting.  Phil, up until now, is MAT (Missing @ Work) so I’m handling all the Tooth Fairy logistics and feel pretty good about what I’ve got going on.  In the morning, Jacob wakes up…in our bed, and runs into his room only to emerge with a folded note and a $10 bill.  I’m confused but Phil and Jacob are laughing and congratulating each other.  Jacob unfolds the note and a $20 bill falls out! 
You would think that by now, we would have perfected our coordination skills?  Not!

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  1. Way to go Jacob!!! Wow! From 20 to 30!!! Not bad at all! If I could only give him a hint, he could have a little fortune in a couple of nights!... ;-}

    And I remember when I used to get a quarter... (is that showing my age)??? ;-)


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