Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who needs couples therapy when

you've got swords?
Yes I’m talking about the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair and not real therapy not that I have anything against real therapy and, clearly I’m not a doctor to advise one way or another but, I think that beating on each other for 5 minutes goes further than any therapy session ever could and…it’s fun!
For $5/person, you get to don head to toe leather=fashion, carry a sword=bling and, if you’re a weakling like me, a mercy balloon=more bling plus, permission to use both hands=power. Now doesn’t that sound like fun!?
Yes, some people take it really seriously and dress head to toe in period garb but others like us just enjoy the merriment,
Human Chess Match
yummy food 
Pickle on a stick
Turkey Leg...hard to eat if you're missing 2 front teeth (-:
and watching those that take it way too seriously.
It’s whacky, it’s amusing and it’s tons of fun so if you haven't experienced it yet...go!
Only 1 more weekend left in 2011 but if you miss the fair, there are all kids of other events going on throughout the year,

The Renaissance Fair definitely takes Eat, Drink and be Merry to a whole new level!

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