Sunday, November 20, 2011

As I think about tomorrow

so many emotions are running through my head...
I'm beyond EXCITED because I've wanted this for as long as I can remember but, never thought that I would had the courage to go through with it.
NERVIOUS because you never know, things can go wrong.
HOPEFUL that all things go really really right.
THANKFUL for all the support and words of encouragement from family and friends and why, we are celebrating Thanksgiving tonight!
HUNGRY for no other reason than I was told that I can't eat after midnight not that I ever would but, just being told that I can't...well, you get it!?
Baba Alla who, two Thanksgiving's ago, told me that I should do this just called to wish me luck and said, "You are our Lion, you are strong and you will do great!"
You know, that's really all I needed to hear because now, I also feel POWERFUL and with that, I'm off to figure out what to wear...Is there such a thing as hospital chic?
I'm guessing not!


  1. Good luck! And I hope is not serious... :-)

  2. ...and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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