Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back in the 90's I would have

given my right arm for anything Versace but now that it hangs at H&M and, is available to the masses...I’m not so sure anymore.
When Gianni was alive, he reigned as king of innovative, over-the-top glam and his creations sent shockwaves through the fashion community and fashion wannabes like me.  He startled the world with clothes made from metal, plastic, and leather, and delighted ballet and opera lovers with his stunning theatrical costumes.
In 1979, Versace began collaborating with American photographer Richard Avedon and in 1982, won the first of a series of awards, "L'Occhio d'Oro," for best fashion designer of the 1982-83 fall/winter collection for women.
It is this collection that put him on the fashion map and it is the metal mesh armor dress that put him on top of my list. 
I collected Versace ads, created collages and obsessed over each and every piece.  And that En Vogue "Part of Me" video with all four girls sparkling in different versions of the mesh dress…what ever happened to them anyway? 
Not ever sure if that's Versace but I just remember being mesmerized by how the dress moved as they sang and swayed and how I really really wanted one or, all! 
And of course there was the oh-so awesomely wicked bondage dress from the Fall/Winter 1992 Bondage Collection that I equally coveted and, still do to this that wrong?
Well, the Versace for H&M collection hits stores today so I’m going to check out the Walnut Street store with the hopes of scoring this dress but,
based on my Jimmy Choo for H&M experience, not bloody likely gonna happen.
Here is the full lookbook in case you want to do a little pre-shopping research and although the collection includes women's, men's, and home items it is mostly focused on iconic dresses, famous prints like Greek motifs and palm and optical prints, patent leather details and Grecian button embellishment.   
Let me know if you get lucky and I’ll do the same!

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