Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have to be honest; I had very low expectations when we decided to check out the Indoor Antique & Vintage Flea Market today on 9th and Spring Garden.
You know me, I love to comb through stuff to find the perfect piece but when it’s vintage, well that requires a whole other level of commitment because most of that “stuff” often translates to other peoples crap.  So, imagine my surprise when the first and last vendor that caught my eye was a pleasantly honest and quirky woman by the name of Renee.  Yes, between me and Phil and now Jacob, we talk to everyone and in this case, I struck up a conversation merely to pass the time while trying on her fun selection of vintage coats.  Turns out, my new friend Renee "Philly" Fishman is a vintage coat purveyor by weekend and screen actress by week.
She can be seen on hit shows like the Good Wife and
on the new and hopefully soon to be picked-up CBS drama, The Gifted Man.
We chatted while Jacob negotiated the price of my new ROCK STAR Vintage Tissavel convertible coat and I have to say, he has skills!  Meet the newest member of my vintage coat collection... 
Did I mention that it’s from the 70's, it’s made in France and, it can be worn 3 different ways…now how do you say “Score” in French?!

Once again a reminder that opportunities lie around every corner.  Whether meeting new and interesting people, experiencing new adventures or, buying a new coat, don’t be so quick to say no.
Say yes, you never know what or whom you may find!
If you want to check out the market, go here and if you want to support Renee, don't forget to watch both shows...I really want to go to the Emmys with my new friend!!!


  1. Wow! It looks like you double scored! Met a new person, got a new coat! To me the best part of venturing is meeting new people. I think that makes everything worth it!

  2. ...and I have a this feeling that your blog is getting ready to take off... !!! :-)

  3. Really, why? Tell me more!?

  4. Well, first you found this one blog (Winda Tiodang, or did she find you?), which is about fashion, which is up your ally. Then you meet this woman (Renee "Philly" Fishman), who is an actress). I'm thinking if you become a regular poster (contributor) on Winda's blog and she of yours, for sure you'll increase your traffic. Have you ever guest blog anywhere? If not, her blog would be a great place to start. And if you could have her guest blog on yours, you'll get a lot of exposure. She has a big following.

    And meeting Renne has to be a good thing as well. No?

    Just a feeling... :-)

  5. You are very wise Torres!


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