Thursday, December 1, 2011

You know me

I LOVE a great deal but with that, comes an overwhelming amount of purchased Groupons, LivingSocial, get the point
Emails are not only starting to pile up but, if I don't keep up and file them into their respective folders, they get lost in the thousands that I receive daily so...I thought that I had a brilliant idea--as I do every day--but, when I went to google it--as I do every time--I quickly discovered that it already exists--as it does every time!? 
Ok, so I won't be retiring any time soon but good thing that CityPockets exists cause I could really use their help.
CityPockets helps keep track of all your daily deals in one place much like consolidating your iTunes library but, for online coupons instead.  The Map feature allows you to find the location of your vouchers and the Marketplace is great for snatching up daily deals that you might have missed.  What's really cool? If you are anything like me and sometime experience buyers remorse or, simply run out of time to redeem, you can sell your unused vouchers… Hello? Brilliant and a huge time saver! 
I just signed up and it was super easy except this…now I know about ALL the other deal sites out there that I will naturally need to register for--in the name of research of course.  Oy, good thing now CityPockets can keep track of them for me!
Check out the video below for more features and get organized with CityPockets!

CityPockets - Your Personal Deal Wallet from CityPockets on Vimeo.

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