Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I was just getting ready to

give up on FB when it redeemed itself and helped me reconnect with my Italian sister Simona!
My junior year in high school, I took part in an exchange program between my school and one in a small town of Grosseto, Italy where I lived with Simona and her family for 2 weeks.  She then did the reverse and came to live with my family in Baltimore and although my memory is fleeting these days, I clearly remember that to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
Not only did I learn a new language, meet incredible new people, partied…I mean studied…hard but, I also met my Italian sister...I've always wanted a sister!
So this past weekend as we were researching our spring trip to Italy I thought and almost immediately typed her name into FB.  Four people down on the list was my long lost Sorella Italiano!
I couldn’t believe it and have to admit, my heart skipped a beat!
She is still just as beautiful, super successful in life and business and, much like 20…gulp…years ago, still looks more like my mom than I do!
Needless to say I’m sticking with FB and can’t wait to reunite with my Simona!!!
Now, on to finding incriminating pictures from my time in Grosseto but in the meantime, this should do...

Grosseto lies on the Tuscan coast of the area known as the Maremma

Piazza del Duomo in Grosseto, Tuscany

Marina Di Grosseto
Have a FB reunion story you care to share?

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