Friday, January 27, 2012

Tired of not getting what you want?

Even after you've hinted, cut out and left pics throughout the house and even point blank said...I want THIS? Well, you're not alone but, you are in luck!
Girls rejoice and Men beware: Tiffany & Co. has added a "Drop a Hint" functionality to their website and just in time for Valentine’s Day so there! No more excuses!
Thanks Tiffany for helping us oh-so deserving, wonderful and loving ladies strong-arm our men into proposing or, just buying us a super expensive present.
I just tried it and here's how it works Ladies…
Find what you love, click on the "Drop a Hint" widget and voila...
Here's how it works Men...
Open the email, go to the ATM, buy the gift! Easy right?!
Don't hate the messanger just the message!

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