Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Master Bath

renovation is almost complete...almost and, with very minimum bloodshed.
So this was going to be a mini-reno just replacing some of the old and adding a bit of WoW to make it look like a brand new space.
First, we repainted the walls to this gray that sounded good on paper and looked great on the swatch and since the whole family helped, that got done in a day.
Painting the walls sparked painting the ceiling which lead to replacing the recessed lighting over the vanity =another research project for me and a big headache for Phil.
Replacing the base moldings to these 5" wide marble pieces really made the walls pop.
And finally, what inspired the entire room was this modern crystal chandelier with a black and chrome translucent shade.  Never mind it took me 2 hrs.+ 2 glasses of wine and lots of cursing to attach the crystals one by one but, it’s done and I love it!
not fully lit...
 that's a smirk, not a smile...
Now need to find the perfect faucets to replace these...
Add handles to spice up the cabinets...
And then the fun part of shopping for all new accessories, soaps, lotions and potions begins!!!
Will post the finished look when it's complete but what do you guys think so far?  Be honest!
Any suggestions for handles?  Love these!
and faucets, want this!
But of course, they are all at the top of the price range…surprise surprise!


  1. Love it all! I'll just rent your place when you guys are away, rather than staying in a hotel! :-)

  2. Thanks John and you are always welcome!

  3. And I wanted to say that you should get that facet! It will probably last you a life time, so that becomes pennies a week... :-)


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