Friday, May 11, 2012

Am I MOM enought?

This TIME cover, ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH, made me stop and wonder, if only for a millisecond, am I Mom Enough?
STOP not for the reasons everyone is PG-13ing it. I really don't care about the exposed boob but OUCH, the child at her breast is her son, Aram, who turns 4 in June...
WONDER but not for too long until, I had to get it out...Are you kidding me?
So what TIME, the editor, Dr. Sears, saying is that...if you choose not to breastfeed then you are not a sufficient Mom...hmmm!?
I read The Baby Book, still have it and, as a matter of fact, like much of what it says but I'm pretty sure that Dr. Sears didn't mean what the TIME cover implies...
Just heard a woman on CNN saying that, her 4 year old son, still wants her boob. Hey guess what moms, he will ALWAYS want your boob so how about we, the adults, take matters into our own hands and make the decision on if and when to cut the cord and not leave it up to the kiddies or even, the "experts"?'
I think it's Time to take TIME off my Twitter feed, cancel my subscription and I suppose...start breastfeeding my 7 year old? Not! If any of you follow me or know my son, you know that he would rather feast on sushi and oysters...
Thoughts? Talk to me!

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  1. So, I didn't read the article. Somehow the picture is a little bit disturbing to me. Not the breastfeeding part, but the fact that the kid just looks a bit old. I'm sure it is my perspective and the fact that I have not seen kids at that age engaged in breastfeeding. Anyhow, I'm a bit shocked that they are categorizing what, in their mind, is a good mother or not. Maybe the title should be "Do you have the guts (and by guts I mean balls) to breastfeed your 9 year old", or "Are you a good mother or do you 'suck'"... (pun intended).


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