Monday, July 30, 2012

I thought that the

lighting and overall design of the Torch at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony was one of the most spectacular and innovative I've ever seen but, this picture goes to show you that Lighting is Everything!
The Olympic Flame died, as technicians were moving the cauldron to a new location in the stadium.  Now, don't they have to sacrifice something and start a war with someone?
Actually no, they just sent some old guy named Austin Playfoot on a cherry picker to re-light it.  See, if you want things done right, you just have to do them yourself!
Am I hungry or, do these look like gigantic mussles?
It looked more ridiculous than majestic, but it did the trick.  At least Mr. Playfoot was one of the Olympic Torch-bearers, both this year and back in the 1948 London Olympics.
According to millinery tradition, the flame has to burn inside its cauldron for the duration of the went out this Sunday, 11:14pm London time.
Thankfully, it was not accidentally extinguished by London's perpetual rain but had to be put out for security reasons before the cauldron was moved to a new location.  And if there wasn't enough drama surrounding the event, the move follows strong criticism by British media, which has been hammering the games' organizers' decision to place the cauldron in a place where it can't be seen from anyone outside of the stadium—something that apparently has never happened in Olympic history. 
Their strong criticism included words like bloody, git, knobhead, cabbage and how dare they. 
I'm just wondering when they will come to their senses and start to blame it all on Mitt Romney?

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