Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspired by my neighbor

Who tans in his socks, I wanted to start a post about
-Things I will NEVER understand-
Also want to hear from you so let's go!
1. Why do people tan in their socks?  Granted I don't want to see their funky feet but come on, you are almost naked so I'm already offended but with socks on!?
Any while I'm at it, why do people wear these shoes?  No question they are ugly and should be banned...
2.  Why is Burgundy the old man's version of Red?  At what point do you decide to ditch the Little Red Corvette and replace it with its ugly cousin...
3. Why do people walk around with their blue douche headsets in all the time?  OK, I should clarify...when I say people I don't mean everyone and so some people I forgive!
4. How and Why is this EVER OK?
Visible Panty lines...
The next best thing to wearing a G-strig?  Go commando!
Pantyhose with open toe sandals...
Panty hose should be outlawed but, if you must wear them, NO open toe shoes!
Try opaque for a more modern look...
Or, loving the socks and sandals look this fall but...both MUST be in the same color and you MUST have killer legs to pull it off...
Dark lip liner with light lipstick...Blend!
Gray roots...Color!
I love Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-Up and, at under $7, there is no excuse for looking like an unkept mess!
I use this one and it works great in between salon visits!
OK, your turn...what you got and feel free to disagree!!!

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  1. HAhahahah so true... Here in Spain you know when someone is a tourist by looking at their feet... Most of them will wear socks with their flip flops!



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