Saturday, October 6, 2012


Sonic Boom Studios is almost open for biz!
Color inspirations...Red, Orange and Black of course...
 Everyone got into it even the cat...

While obsessing over the red to orange transition line, Phil called me anal...I took it as a compliment!?
 We even got an impromptu performance by the Sonic Boomer himself!
Stay tuned for more on the Grand Opening of Sonic Boom Studios!


  1. Sonic Boom Studio?! What is it? Can you explain? Is this Jacob's/Antonio's new music career? If so, what type of music? What will happen to the Lemonade Stand?!?! :-)

  2. No need to worry, lemon-aid stand will continue to be his side gig but Jacob has decided to pursue a music career.
    Sonic Boom Studios is going to be the name of his new room that will look like a music studio where he will write music and perform.
    Would you like to be added to the VIP list?
    (-: This is way too much fun especially for Phil!!!

  3. VIP? I want a permanent membership!!! ;-)


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