Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK, I'm doing it!

Not sure what I'm most nervous about, cheating on my hairstylist or, cutting all my hair!?
Saturday is the day I take the plunge from this...
to what I hope will look something like this!
Asymmetrical Bob
Anyone else ready for a change?


  1. Wow! Lisa did the same thing about a year (or two) ago. I like long hair, but when she showed up with her new cut, I liked it! What does Phil think?

  2. When we met, I had short hair like this and he liked it but, like most guys, he likes long hair better! I'm on the fence but need a change which I'm sure is the reason Lisa did it!!??

  3. Yes! But FYI she wants to grow it long again... Go figure... :-)

  4. So will I but I'm pretty sure going to do it and decided to donate my hair to "Locks of Love"
    Feeling good about it!!!

  5. Lock of Love is a great cause. What you're doing is a great thing! :-)


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