Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Welcome to December 12, 2012 which, according to all the chatter out there, is either really really lucky or, the end of the world as we know it!
Not sure about you but I personally don't believe in any of the nonsense and figured would put my own spin on it by reflecting on the 12 things that make me happiest...

#1 - My Family

#2 - A Great Pair of Shoes and
a Comfy Pair of Flip Flops
#3 - A Great Manicure
#4 - Just about Anything Shiny
#5 - and Fury
#6 - Great Food...just realized I have way too many pictures of Food!

#7 - A Deliciously Beautiful Cocktail
#8 - A Great Cup of Coffee
#9 - Beautiful Lingerie
#10 - Sunny Places that require Nothing more than a Great Pair of Shades!
 #11 - Silly Faces

#12 - and a Clean and Happy Home!


  1. So true, especially the lingerie!

  2. Gotta love Jacob inhaling the pasta!!!


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