Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best compliment EVER!

Last night we celebrated the Holidays with work friends at the Revel and, in addition to having a great time, got the BEST compliment EVER!!!
One of the younger employees who shall remain nameless came over to tell me that she and some of the other girls think that I look like a BOND girl!
Well my friends, first...I was blown away and extremely flattered but then...let's just say that I've been milking it ever since! 
Me?  A BOND girl? Yes please! 
If you recall, I did post not too long...December 8th to be exact...that I've always dreamed of being a BOND girl but, somehow just having someone way younger tell you that I have what it takes...THAT may be enough for me!
Great fun...
Great friends...
Great night...
Now, all I need is a great Bond Girl name...suggestions?

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