Saturday, December 22, 2012

The House of Alya is

in disarray!
So these disgusting clothes moths have invaded my closets and, while I've seen some of their wrath over the past few months, today was an all time low and I'm waging war!
While packing...already something that puts me in a crabby mood, I came across my CHANEL dress and...I'm going to cry just telling was in pieces!
Yes, those little MFers had their way with this dress...

and this St. John dress...holes all over!

And on and on and on!
Yes, I cried and if that makes me shallow so be it but it wasn't the shmatas in the my closet that they feasted on but the pieces that I loved the most!
Well, they messed with the wrong...oh, who am I kidding...what the hell am I going to do but blog and bitch about it!?

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