Monday, January 7, 2013

Bigger is Better!

I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not talking about that you dirty mind!
I'm referring to electronics and while most seek small, sleek and thin, I like mine BIG!
My iPod Shuffle continues to mock me and since getting it for Mother's Day last year...that's 7 months ago...I have managed to misplace it, yup...7 times!
I know I didn't lose it and I know no one took it but I have no idea where it could possibly be only to have it emerge at the oddest times and places like in the pocket of a hoodie that I'm about to throw in the wash sparing it from being soaked to oblivion.
To top it off, I've used it so few times that I haven't removed or customized the iPod Runner app that brings my blood to a boiling point when it comes on!  Not cause it's bad but because it's all I've ever listed to on the damn thing!

I found it AGAIN this morning so, before it "disappears", I need to I figure out how to use I miss my Walkman! HELP!?

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