Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New York with a side of Coffee

The Nomad Hotel, reminded me of someplace between a stylish Parisian apartment and a modern boutique plus, the toiletries smelled amazing...
and the art was an eclectic mix of music, black and white photography, travel documents and journal entries... 
We started the day with a visit to the ultra hip, Ace Hotel that's also home to Stumptown and their one and only location NY...opened Labor Day 2009 in the lobby and probably one for the best and coolest coffee shops around!
 Lucky for me I wore my chapeau and therefore, fit right in!

Skim Latte for me of course but, the selection of roasts and pastries -even vegan- are all amazing!
Also in the lobby is NO. 8A, a travel, design & hotel shop run by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak who love to travel and the shop is a little bit of everything they have found along the way.  I couldn't resist Instagraming this hat with hot pink bangs!
Next stop was Johny's Luncheonette or, as I would like to call it, a counter that seats roughly 10  and serves up delicious and cheap old school eats...
and the place that had the chutzpah to substitute my sausage with extra bacon...the Nerve!
Needless to say it was the best and cheapest breakfast we've had in a long time!
What followed was a lot more coffee...

 and food...
with a fitting Grand Finale atop a 3-floor Upper East Side pad where the view from the 47th floor was nothing short of Awe-inspiring!!!

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