Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How I have Grown to Love

I know, sounds like an oxymoron but it's true...you can in fact love Monday's.
Just find what you love and make time for it on this...must dreaded day of the week.
My 10 year work anniversary is coming up so in anticipation,  I had to take a few remaining vaca days...I know hard to believe but true.
So, I decided to re-brand -this is what people who have been in the Media and Marketing space for as long as I have been call change- Monday's and pack them in with all the stuff I wish I could do every day but can't cause, like most of us, I have something called a job.
Anyway, with my new found love of spinning, I've chosen to start my day with an early morning Spin class...Ahhh!
Up next a latte at my favorite coffee shop La Colombe from where, coincidentally,  I did what I've always fantasied would be my most perfect profession...Blogging!
Ever wonder what those people sitting in coffee shops are doing and how are they able to do it?  -Independently wealthy?  -Stay at home spouses with sugar daddies/mommies -Lazy?  
Nope!  They are people like you and me living out their European fantasies if only for a day...OK, that was me so maybe they are all of the above but who am I to judge?
Followed by a reformer Pilates class and a deep tissue Massage...Double Ahhh!
Shopping you ask?  But of course, what would a perfect Monday be without shopping!?

Exhausted but happy I returned how and even had time to whip up this Mediterranean medley of Falafel, Hummus, chopped Veggies and Pita...
Now that's what I call a Perfect Monday and now it's your turn...
You tell me, how would you spend your perfect Monday?


  1. Hmmmmm... Not sure about Mondays... Just not a fan. However, I am now working from home 5 days a week, and maybe I'll just go to Starbucks on Mondays and work from there a couple of hours? I'm sure that it'll make that day a little better?!

  2. Lucky although I do like the variety of home and office where I have an excuse to dress up!
    Give the Starbucks thing a try, I think you will be amazed by the difference!

  3. To some it might some like something they would love to do, but as social as I am it can be a little boring. You know I can only talk to my dogs for so long! But I might try the Starbucks thing Monday and see if I can look forward to it!


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