Friday, March 1, 2013

I so wish that I still had

my favorite white high-top Reeboks that I sported back in the day with practically EVERYTHING!
Remember these?

Well, if you're feeling nostalgic like me, you're in luck because these Étoile Isabel Marant sneakers  are all the rage but, in typical high fashion fashion -and as of $640 wasn't enough- she has taken it to the next level by designing these...
custom Isabel Marant sneakers created for Beyonce are beyond extravagant and not so much for how they look as they closely resemble my new wedge high-tops that I scored at Target for less than $20!  I know crazy right?

but because they feature the most exotic of animal skins from ostrich, stingray and anaconda to calf hair and crocodile.  The ivory-toned kicks were created especially for the singer by PMK Customs and are officially called the "King Bey" sneakers.
Let me take this opportunity to A. say that no sneaker is worth $600 and B. officially call mine "Queen Al" sneakers BOOM!

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