Sunday, March 3, 2013

Went slightly simpler with

the Mac 'n' Cheese than originally planned but the end result was tasty and somewhat healthy-er!
Made the Macaroni & Cheese according to the Trader Joe's package instructions and 

 with a large spoon, scooped cupcake sized portions into a muffin pan...
 Mixed Panko bread crumbs with 1 tbs melted butter and topped each muffin top with that and...
 a sprinkle of cheese cause let's face it, who doesn't love cheese?
Since the mac & cheese is already cooked, all you need is a few minutes (5-10 max) on broiler just to brown and crunch up the tops...
Not my prettiest work so...maybe limit to 5 minutes to be safe and avoid burning like I did!
The final result was yummy but needed to be served in these little cups to keep the mac & cheese muffin from falling apart... 
Seemed simpler than the previous recipe of rolling into balls and hoping they stick plus...we were out of eggs at the time and I wanted to keep it relatively healthy and stay away from frying.
Overall, I would recommend this recipe if you are looking for a quick and tasty snack or, if you have leftover macaroni & cheese and just want to change up how you serve it.
The kids loved it and I hope that you will too!

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