Friday, April 12, 2013

As Someone Who Is Obsessed with

Travel and Food, I was really interested in last night's Piers Morgan interview with Anthony Bourdain about Bourdain's new CNN show "Parts Unknown".
What I was shocked to hear is the amount of Americans who are without a Passport; according to Bourdain, only 30% of Americans own Passports as compared to 60% of the rest of the developed world.
Our USA Passports
Shame on us America and no wonder we are regraded as ignorant and narrow-minded in other parts of the world!
Get a Passport, chart a path to discovery and go see and taste the world! and...take your kids with you!  
Jacob has had his passport since he was 6 months old and I will guess that at 8, has been to more countries than the average American adult.
Not to mention, can probably give Bourdain a run for his money when it comes to eating crazy unusual food...can you say Barnacles!?
Jacob eating Barnacles at O Ramiro Lisbon
As for Bourdain, it has been nearly one full year since chef/author/badass Anthony Bourdain announced he'd be leaving his successful Travel Channel show "No Reservations" for a totally new series on CNN.  Well that series is Parts Unknown and it premiers on CNN this upcoming Sunday night, April 14, at 9pm EST/8pm CST.
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown CNN
Unlike "No Reservations." the new show will branch out from eating 24/7 to include sampling the destination and culture of countries previously out of reach or out of budget for Boudain. 
The concept is simple, "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown takes you across the globe to discover exotic destinations while sharing Anthony's unique perspective and insights."

It may call to mind what The Travel Channel attempted with the No Reservations Bourdain spin-off,"The Layover," except thanks to Anthony's love of Twitter, @PartsUnknownCNNhis fans already known that he's gone further afield than ever before, tweeting from places like Libya, Morocco, Granada (Spain), Peru, the Congo and Rwanda while shooting for "Parts Unknown". 
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown CNN
Can you say this guy has the best job in the world?
I can and already psyched for the Congo episodes that Bourdain described as "Most difficult, grinding, frustrating rewarding shoot ever. A Dream fulfilled."
Now how to turn my love of travel and all of our Adventures into a show?  Hmmm...


  1. "Now how to turn my love of travel and all of our Adventures into a show? Hmmm..."

    Easy! YouTube!!! You could do it and become an "overnight" success!!!

    I must say that I have lost respect for Tony B. after he did the "Taste" show on ABC. Also he was on "The Chew" and Batali asked him to make a pesto. He looked like a dear in the headlights... Not sure what to think about him anymore.

  2. Like him or not, if he can introduce more people to the love of travel and exotic foods, I'm in!

  3. True! But I think that Jacob will be doing that!!!

  4. I so hope so John, he would be great at it even at 8!


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