Monday, April 22, 2013

The Restaurant at The NoMad Hotel

was Buzz-worthy!
The other day, I was fortunate to have lunch at the chic NoMad and just had to share the experience but, wh
at's better than a great meal?  I love food to not a lot I know but...
Knowing that it was for a great cause in support of the 4th Annual Bowling for event as part of a “Lunches of a Lifetime” program.
I know what you're thinking...someone paid to have lunch with you?  Why Yes friends and if I may say so, it was money well spent...I hope!
But there I was, caught between a rock and a hard place -you'll get the reference later I promise- fully engaged in conversation while at the same time, wanting to fully dive in and embrace the sights, smells and tastes of what was being placed in front of me.
Even before we had the chance to order, we were presented this beautiful loaf of fresh out-of-the-oven rustic bread adorned with rings of bright green zucchini and how do you say no to this?  
Nomad restaurant Rustic bread with zucchini and herbs
I started my culinary journey with Sweetbreads croustillant with parsley, listed on the menu as "Snacks" but when was the last time you had a snack that looked like this?
Sweetbreads croustillant with parsley
If you've ever been to chef Daniel Humm’s and partner Will Guidara’s #10 best restaurant in the world, Eleven Madison Park, you would notice that the food at the NoMad is more accessible and laid back but the quality of ingredients is comparable and so meticulously plated that you almost hate to eat it.  Of course I had no problem with that but not until I photographed each plate as it arrived…for you my faithful readers, and this Scallop dish was no exception.  Seared with sorrel, lemon and maitake mushrooms, it was the perfect blend of artistry and taste..
To complete the meal, I went with their signature Milk & Honey Shortbread, Brittle and Ice Cream dessert and let me just was AlyaBuzzzz worthy!
It is said that the Rolling Stones inspired The NoMad's mix of Rock and Roll chic and Gatsby elegance so if you ever feel like You Can't Always Get What You Want, then check out the NoMad Restaurant and You'll Get What You Need!
OK, I'm done but also so very hungry now!!!

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