Thursday, April 4, 2013

Traveling with Kids is Fun!

One of the reasons I'm so set on documenting our trip to Portugal, as I have all previous family adventures from Paris and London when Jacob was 5...
Jacob under the Eiffel Tower Paris

Jacob Big Ben London Eye
to Italy last year...
Jacob the Gladiator Rome Italy
is to create a place where he can one day come to see all of the amazing adventures he has been a part of, as well as, put those parents that are intimidated by traveling with their kids at ease.
I believe that one of the greatest gifts that we as parents can give our children -aside from love, support and respect that is- is the love of travel, curiosity about the world and, access to it.  The desire to see and know beyond what's in front of them and never accept things at face value...Ignorance is not bliss and one should never grow up thinking that!
The world becomes that much smaller when you see more of it and we become that much richer from the experience!
Jacob at 6 in Rome Italy
You know how regardless of where you grow up, you have your comfort zones from home to school to friends to coffee shops.  To some, that may be enough but to the kids who are exposed to other places, cultures and people from an early age, it never is.
My parents gave me the amazing gift of travel and I fully intend to carry it forward to Jacob and hope that you do the same.  Trust me, once you do it, not only will your child grow from the experience but so will you!
I still recall as a kid going on family trips over break only to return feeling so much more sophisticated and not in a haughty kind of way but in way that made me feel wiser, stand taller and be more accepting of things and at times less interested in the small stuff.
That is what we set out to give Jacob and took him on his first trip at the ripe young age of 9 months to our favorite spot, Miami!
Jacob at 9 months in Miami
This is where he learned to rule the pool...
Jacob at 9 months in Miami
Where he had his first taste of sushi...
Jacob at 9 months in Miami
and we had our first taste of what it's like to see the world through his eyes!
Jacob at 7 in Lisbon Portugal
I'm lucky in that I found the perfect person who shares in my quest and hope my blog helps you as you plan out your next family adventure!
If, however, you are still unsure, happy to have you here reading about ours!

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