Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Finally Flip Flop Season

and so begins the endless search for and acquisition of the perfect pair/pairs to add to my ever-growing collection.
I'm loving these custom die-cut flip flops that come with or without text on both the left and the right sandal.
Summer flip flops
and I just know that Jacob will flip over these wooden sandals that leave animal foot prints in the sand especially...if I wear them!
Animal foot print flip flops

Not sure how comfortable they are but they look like fun so I may just have to get a pair for the beach.  Get yours here!
And what would an AlyaBuzz post be without a social media mention?
Check out these Twitter flip flops, perfect for getting "Followers" at the beach with every step that you take - literally.
By Italian designer Paolo Ullen who is not only capitalizing on the Twitter craze but also, combining it with everyone's favorite season -Summer!

Twitter flip flops innovation
A must-have for the beach to show-off just how social media savvy you are...
Twitter flip flops innovation

Not to mention the priceless pictures and shameless advertising I you would be doing for my your Twitter account (-;

Twitter flip flops innovation
Yeah to Summer!

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