Friday, February 21, 2014

In Town for some Magic!

We checked-in at midnight East Coast time...that's 3am Vegas time but did we call it a night? Are you kidding!?  Kicked off the trip Vegas style atop of the World Strip at miX Lounge that sits on the 46th floor of THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.  The panoramic views of the 400 ft space were awe inspiring and set the stage for all of the over the top festivities to come!

The next day was just as you would expect, hot, sunny and pool worthy...exactly what we needed to break out of the gray ugly snow-plagued East Coast...

Sunned and rested, we started the night with dinner at barMASA inside the fabulous Aria Resort & Casino...the lobby decorated in celebration of the Chinese New Year!

Chef Masa Takayama may well be the most famous sushi chef in the US and after winning four stars from The New York Times (the only Japanese restaurant to do so in 20 years) for Masa in NYC’s Time Warner Center, he brings his culinary awesomeness to the West Coast. 

Perfect opportunity to finally wear my Gold Hawk silk embroidered dress and Moyna beaded clutch...
Followed by one of the most avant-garde, innovative and fun experiences in Las Vegas.  
At the Cosmopolitan, Rose.Rabbit.Lie is a modern twist on clubs and blurs the lines between Restaurant/Social/Burlesque/Dace Club that's both funny, sexy and unexpected.  The show unfolds over the course of the evening and does't live on a stage or with the rise and fall of a curtain. Rather, it's woven through the guest’s entire experience, a unique balance of choreographed and unscripted dramatics deeply ingrained with live, unconventional music that leads you on a new journey through each scene.
We loved it so much that we stayed for the midnight show after having seen the 10pm one during which I won the Grand Prize...If only I could tell you what that was!
Trust me when I say that no one show is alike and the later you stay the hotter it gets!

A quick visit to the extravagant The Chandelier Bar before finally calling it a night!  

Vegas, I think I'm in Love!

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