Sunday, March 23, 2014

What happened to

Leisurely weekends spent having fun?
I'll tell you what! The lethal combo of School and Snow!!!
Projects, Studying for tests, Homework...
And the best part is that the poor parents kids lost the majority of what was Spring Break time off to even enjoy some of the much needed family fun time off!
Oh, do I sound bitter? Unhappy? Tired? Irritated?
That's cause I AM! 
Good thing this kid is always smiling otherwise, I would totally lose it!
Science Fair project done...
Yup, by the look of the measuring stick leaning against the tree, you can see that we were expecting a pretty impressive explosion...
Jacob was all ready to run!
And then THIS happened...
Oh well, I guess our Mentos and Diet Soda experiment gets an E for (Lack of) Explosion but an A for (Great) Attitude!
Fun nonetheless...

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