Saturday, August 2, 2014

31 Day Challenge

I've decided that the month of Alya...aka August, is the perfect time to do something different...something worthy...something new and...something that challenges me.
That, and buy myself something special of course but let's begin with the easy part shall we? And no, it's not the shopping cause that could take a while!
Instead of planning it out, I'm going to approach it like I do most everything else and that's spontaneously. 
THAT alone could be challenging so there, I've got #1 accomplished right?  
I know I know that doesn't count but to not have a plan for what I'll do for 31 consecutive days could prove a bit difficult but you know what?  I know I can handle it so let's go!
I've been biking for a while now and granted on a granny beach cruiser while at the Shore, I'm fierce when it comes to the Spin studio so...
First order of biz, signing up for a Triathlon!  Yes, a Sprint to be exact but I'm going to do it!
Next, started 8/1 with a day off...Yeah! 
A 5K,didn't die and only stopped once...Awesome!
And a run down the Long port Jetty...something I've always wanted to do and finally DID!

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