Sunday, December 27, 2009

Only I can manage to

get sick in Cabo!
A few days ago Phil and I had a nice Cuban on our terrace and the next morning, my throat was killing me!
A few restless nights later I think I have strep throat and thank god we're in Mexico, home to all the drugs you can get without a prescription (-;
Last night in Cabo and we're staying in...oh well, we do need to rest some time!
Regardless, it was an awesome trip and I'm sad that it ends tomorrow.
I hear that the airports are going to be a nightmare cause of the jerk-off who tried to blow up the plane a few days ago but what else is new...crazy people
We met a lot of great people and a couple from MD that I hope we stay in touch with.
Today was another magical day in Cabo and not only did Jacob go swimming with dolphins and now refers to himself as the "Dolphin Expert" but we also went whale watching and saw as many as 3whales that I managed to get on camera.
What a great trip, I hightly recommend it!
Pictures will follow shortly

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